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Providing premium behaviorist consultations

Hazel Shimmin Kennel Club Accredited Dog Trainer (KCAI(CD))

Hazel Shimmin is a Kennel Club Accredited Dog Trainer (KCAI(CD)) and has a Masters degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, where she specialised in Dog Behaviour. Hazel has over 15 year’s experience working as dog trainer and undertaking behaviour consultations.

She joined Holly House Vets as a full time Dog Behaviourist in early 2019 having previously ran her own business as a Dog Behaviourist for 2 years taking referrals from vets and before that working as a lecturer and manger in a land based college where amongst other things she managed the Canine Department and delivered Canine related courses up to degree level.

Cases for Referral Include

  • Anxiety and Fears including Noise Aversion
  • Reactivity to Unknown Dogs and People
  • Aggression – including territorial, resource guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Repetitive Behaviour – Compulsive or Stereotypic
  • Over activity

Hazel is also happy to work with you with any training requirements you may have, from problem behaviour e.g. jumping up, pulling on lead or recall, through to advanced obedience training.

Do you have a behaviour case that you would like to refer to Hazel? Hit the button below to fill out our referral form.

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