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CT Information for Referring Vets

Here at Ark Referrals we have an in-house Siemens Somatom 16-slice Computed Tomography scanner at our Moor Allerton clinic. This gives us rapid and convenient access to advanced imaging for both inpatients, outpatients and referral cases.

We work alongside VetCT, who are world leaders in teleradiology. They provide us with detailed reports, from RCVS Specialists in diagnostic imaging, so that we can act upon our CT imaging findings quickly and with confidence. They are able to offer us a rapid reporting service for emergency cases, ensuring that this service is available to as many patients as possible.

There are two options available for CT referral:

  1. CT Only – You can refer your own patients for CT imaging only. We will perform a clinical examination to assess suitability for anaesthesia, but we will not discuss any findings with the owner, thereby allowing you to retain full control of the case. You will be sent a detailed VetCT report and, we can also provide the CT images to you on request.

    If you are less familiar with the use of CT but feel it may benefit your patient, it is often helpful to discuss the case with one of our vets. They can help you to decide which areas of the animal you may wish to have scanned, whether a contrast study is indicated, and both the benefits and limitations of CT. Please submit an advice request before sending a CT only referral, if you wish to discuss a case with us.
  2. CT as part of a medical, surgical or exotic referral – You can refer cases directly to the relevant team as normal and we will discuss diagnostic and treatment options with the owner, including CT where appropriate.

Cases for CT Referral:

  • Nasal and sinus disease
  • Middle and inner ear evaluation
  • Oncology - Diagnosis, Pre-surgical planning and Screening for metastatic neoplasia/staging
  • Orthopaedic conditions including lameness diagnosis, particularly when involving the stifles, elbows and shoulders, and complex fracture planning including 3D rendering of images
  • Spinal disease
  • Trauma

Odontogenic bone cyst in a 4yo Pug

Destructive neoplastic mass of the nasal cavity in a 9yo Labrador

Medial coronoid process fissure in a 4yo Labrador

Pleural effusion (yellow arrows), pneumothorax (green arrows) and pulmonary contusions (blue arrows) in a 1yo Border Terrier suffering from polytrauma after an RTA. The CT scan also identified a diaphragmatic hernia and a comminuted pelvic fracture (not shown).