Ellie Wilson MRCVS BVSc GPcertExAP, GPcertSADen&OS

Ellie completed the General Practitioner certificate in small animal dentistry and oral surgery in 2021 following a decade of interest in small animal dentistry. Prior to completing her certificate, she spear-headed the implementation of staged dentistry within our group and continues to promote high standards of first and second opinion dentistry within the veterinary profession by mentoring and delivering CPD.

Along with Martyna, Ellie completed an intensive theory and practical course in veterinary endodontics in March 2022 and hopes to develop her skills in this field further in the coming years so that endodontic therapies can be offered to our referring practices. Ellie also has a particular interest in orthodontics and maxillo-facial surgery and hopes to expand her skills in this field in the future. 

Martyna Grzesik MRCVS PgC(SADen&OS)

Martyna was awarded a Postgraduate certificate (PgC) in small animal dentistry and oral surgery in 2023 after completing the GP certificate (GPcertSADen&OS)  in this subject in 2021. Since joining Holly House in 2019 she grew an interest in dog and cat dentistry and started appreciating the importance of oral and dental health of our patients. She has been improving her knowledge when visiting specialists at Dental Vets Referral Practice in Haddington and attending European Veterinary Dental Forum in 2023.

Together with Vet Ellie, she has completed the first part of Endodontic therapy training in Sweden which will allow to offer more advanced dentistry treatment options. Alongside endodontic therapy, Martyna is also interested in oral oncology, surgery and exotic animal dentistry.

Services provided:

  • Dentistry consultations to diagnose/discuss/perform treatment for advanced periodontal disease, maxillo-facial injuries and malocclusions
  • Interceptive orthodontics including but not limited to lingually displaced mandibular canine extraction and retained canine extraction 
  • Traumatic dental injury assessment 
  • Management of feline chronic gingivostomatitis cases 
  • Assessment of oral oncology cases including advanced imaging (CT) where applicable, biopsy, surgery and chemotherapy 
  • Management of chronic oral pathologies including canine chronic ulcerative stomatitis 

Coming soon - endodontic therapy including vital pulp and root canal treatments 

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