Lola's Case Study

Lola is a 7 year 5-month-old FN Springer X Cocker Spaniel. Lola was diagnosed with multicentric "small/intermediate low Grade B cell lymphoma". The typing of the lymphoma proved challenging as initially the laboratory reported an indolent form of mantle cell lymphoma. However, the masses did not behave in an indolent fashion. A combination of cytology, histology, flow cytometry and PARR was used to build the diagnosis. 



Once diagnosed and staged, advice was sought from a chemotherapy consultant service. After careful discussion with her owner and some further echocardiography and blood tests - Lola started chemotherapy.

She is being treated with a 25 week CEOP protocol involving prednisolone, epirubicin, cyclophosphamide and vincristine. Lola visits regularly with a qualified RVN who takes blood samples and administers the chemotherapy. She has had to have some dose adjustments due to bone marrow suppression.

Lola is coping really well with the process; she is quite excitable and so does have sedation prior to some of her treatments to ensure smooth administration. She is also currently in remission. 

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